We're Bludot and we produce a diverse variety of innovative brake systems for the OEM trailer industry. Bludot is a preferred supplier to manufacturers of all sizes of towable recreational vehicles, motor homes, livestock trailers, cargo and utility trailers, snowmobile and ATV trailers, marine trailers and over-the-road semi trailers. We specialize in manufacturing hydraulic brake lines and kits, straight air, air/hydraulic, vacuum hydraulic and electric/hydraulic trailer brake systems. Our products are custom packaged and designed for OEM assembly lines and maintenance departments. Using the highest quality in-house manufacturing and pre-assembled components, our custom brake line systems are uniquely engineered to meet the specifications of both your trailer products and your manufacturing budget.

Bludot was founded in 1975. Bludot manufactured and assembled custom brake line kits for local OEM Bendix Corp. The concept of pre-packaged brake kits, customized and packaged especially to suit individual OEM assembly and manufacturing lines has continued to grow.

In 1999 Bludot built its current 18,000 square foot facility in South Bend, Indiana.

Today, Bludot continues to thrive as North America’s most preferred supplier of custom trailer brake systems and solutions for the OEM trailer manufacturer. Many of Bludot’s current customers are the same OEM companies that started with them over a quarter of a century ago.