The Titan BrakeRite EHB is a compact, easy to install electric/hydraulic brake actuator that is compatible with all electric brake controllers on the market.

The BrakeRite can be used with single, tandem or triple axle trailer brake systems. It has a larger, more reliable motor than competing units which is able to maintain pressure for a longer period of time with less heat generation as it delivers 75 cubic inches per minute. The pump and motor are mounted vertically to reduce stress in the mounting bolts and to take the weight off the armature shaft and bearings.

The BrakeRite has a power saver feature which reduces the control voltage as soon as full pressure is achieved. This reduces wear on the motor by reducing heat without reducing fluid pressure to the brakes.

BRAKERITE II SD KIT (includes everthing listed below)
Part No. Brake Type Standard or Non-standard Weight Pallet Quantity
4835700 Disc/Drum STD 13 TBD

titan brakeriteTITAN BRAKERITE EHB

Ref # Part Number Part Description
1 4834100 BrakeRite II
2 4834200 SD Control Module
3 4834300 SD Wiring Harness
4 4834400 BrakeRite II Breakaway Battery Harness
5 4834500 BrakeRite II Breakaway Battery Switch
Custom made harness’ are available upon request.
Contact your sales representative for details