TA7000 & TA8000 Series

ABS Air Brake Actuating System

Each Anti-Lock Braking System contains an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) relay valve that monitors the movement of each sensored wheel. The relay valve modulates the air pressure on the trailer brakes. A fully-sensored two module system gives side-to-side braking action on all wheels.


  • Bundled harness design
  • Reduced tire flatspotting
  • Keyed snap-together connectors
  • Reduced trailer swing
  • Universal design, works with any tractor
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Note: Other systems available upon request (dolly, slider, etc.) Custom kits are available.

Kit NumberNo. of AxlesNo. of SensorsNo. ABS Relay ValvesNo. ABS AxlesSide-to-Side Braking ActionNotesRemarks
TA-7121 TA-81211211No2S/1M[A]
TA-7221 TA-82212211No2S/1M[A]
TA-7242 TA-82422422Yes4S/2M
TA-7321 TA-83213211No2S/1M[A]
TA-7342 TA-83423422Yes4S/2M

Notes: Power cable and 3/8’’ nylon air hose not included in kits. For bulk hose, add ‘B’ to kit, i.e. TA-7121B.
For 2 tank set-up add -2 to kit, i.e. TA-7221-2.
Remarks [A]: Minimum Legal ABS Requirement, Effective March 1, 1998 for U.S. and Canada.

Ta7000 8000 Schematic